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My Psychotherapy Practice

Research tells us that safety and trust, client motivation, and

therapeutic skill are the fundamental agents of change.


Psychotherapy for couples and individuals

Supporting your growth and resilience during times of transition,

crisis, or just feeling stuck is a major part of my clinical focus.

In addition to conventional talk therapy, I am also trained in

emotion and trauma-focused approaches.

My therapeutic stance is thoughtful and low key, yet engaging

and warm. I can also be directive in helping you solve specific

problems when it serves your best interests.

At heart, my goal is to help you face the often self-imposed

obstacles that are getting in your way. 


As a therapist, I strive to be direct and honest in

the service of your well being.  I do not believe that

"One Size Fits All,"  but instead try to tailor

my approach to  your particular needs and goals.


From the very first meeting our focus will be on:


• Clarifying your emotional concerns and ways

to address them

• Working to overcome emotional blocks

and self-defeating behaviors

• Addressing self-defeating beliefs and fears

that continue to interfere in your life


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